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Money Making Apps

Survey Panels are now starting to add apps for mobile devices, so you can do surveys easily on the go through your mobile device. The following survey panels have released survey apps.

IRI Shopper Panel - Scan and Go App - Get paid for doing shopping every week with the IRI Shopper Panel. Turn your shopping and opinions into rewards!

Scan n Go provides registered members of IRI Shopper Panel with an easy, interactive and fun way to scan their purchases, answer surveys and earn rewards.

Earn up to $50 per year with the Nielsen Mobile Panel App.

Once you join the Nielsen mobile panel today you earn up to $50 in gifts each year just for using your mobile device!

The longer you are a member of the Nielsen Mobile panel the more you will earn.

Just install the app on to your iPad, iPhone or tablet and you will start earning points which can be used for cool prizes such as shopping vouchers and cinema tickets.

Take Surveys earn gift cards with the QuickThoughts mobile app.

Quick Thoughts is a app which you can download to your iPad or iPhone, when their is a survey available you will receive a push notification on your device.

Each survey completed on the QuickThoughts app is designed to be short and easy to complete.

You will earn between $1 and $3 for each completed survey at QuickThoughts.

Once you have earned $10 you can claim a iTunes voucher

  1. Jonathan Chan permalink

    Is the QuickThoughts app available for Android? Or just IOS devices. Thanks!

    • Hi Jonathan Chan,
      QuickThiughts is available for both Andriod and IOS devices.You can find the Andriod version in the google play store.

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