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Online Surveys FAQ

Q. Are Paid Online Surveys a scam?
A. No, their are many genuine survey panels around but there are also some people who may try to scam you. To prevent scams only participate in well known survey sites such as those listed on this site. Never ever give your credit card details or money to any survey site, genuine survey sites dont require you to give them payments or credit card details to join.

Q. Should i pay for a list of Survey Sites?
A. Its your money so its up to you, but why would you when you can get all the information free from my site here, if you did get charged for a list of survey sites you may be able to do a charge back and get a refund.

Q.Will i really get paid for doing online surveys?
A.Yes! I recommended you start off joining the surveys sites from the Top 20 Australian Paid Survey Sites list for the best results.

Q.How will i get paid?
A.Each online survey site has its own payment methods, the most common method of payment is via PayPal and eGift Cards.

Q.How much will i get paid?
A.Each survey invitation will tell you what the reward will be.

Q.Can i give up my full time job and do surveys fulltime?
A.No, online surveys are not designed to be a full time job. Surveys are a popular choice for a little bit of extra  birthday and Christmas money, many people use survey sites to earn gift cards for their Christmas and birthday shopping.

Q.I Completed a survey and didn’t get paid, how come?
A.You most likely got screened out from the survey because you didn’t meet there target group for that survey, some survey sites pay a small amount if you dont qualify but most survey sites dont.

Q.How long will it take to completed a survey?
A.You may complete some surveys in as little as 5 minutes although the average time is closer to around 15 minutes and their can be surveys which can take up to 3 hours, most survey sites will give u some idea on how long the survey will take before you begin.

Q.I have a question not answered here?
A.Leave your question in the comments section below and i will answer your question.

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