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PricePal Review

Note: Pricepal has now closed.

Note: Have been waiting more than 6 months for my cash back from PricePal, i can no longer recommended PricePal. Suggest you use Cashrewards.  You can read views of PricePal at Product Review and you will see many others are having similar problems with PricePal.

How to earn cash back?
You first need to sign up for a account at PricePal, then when you wish to make a purchase from a retailer listed at PricePal, make sure you have cookies enabled and us the special link provided at PricePal. Normally you receive a email after a few days letting you know that your cash back is tracking but sometimes you don’t get a notification email, but you can check your account to see if your cashback is tracking. So you don’t forgot about cashback you can download the PricePal app which will automatically tell you whenever you are on a site where you can earn cashback, so no missing out on cashback.

Things to Consider
If you use a coupon code not listed at the Pricepal site your cashback maybe denied, but its still worth a try, I have used coupon codes not listed on Pricepal and still got paid. Also it can take 3 months to get paid, travel related purchases can take even longer.

Getting Paid
The thing I like about PricePal is their is no minimum payout, approved cashback is normally paid at the end of the month or the start of the month, payment is made into your bank account, this is done automatically so no need to remember to cash out like you have to do with Cashrewards.

Refer a Friend
Pricepal has a pretty good refer a buddy program, where if you sign up and download the PricePal app you will get a $5 joining bonus and I will also earn a $5 bonus.

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