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Aussie Online Surveys is a personal website aiming to help people find which Australian paid survey sites are the best to sign up to. I have been doing online surveys for over 18 years now and have earned over $18000 in cash and gift cards from online surveys. I use to participate in around 40 panels but found the time spend was not worth the return so i stopped participating in the low paying panels and put together a list of the Top 20 Australian Paid Survey Sites

The Top 20 Australian Paid Survey list is a list of proven Australian Paid Survey opportunities and is a great list for anyone who wishes to get started with online surveys.

I hope you find this site useful and you can earn a little extra money from paid online surveys.

After many years of doing online surveys and participating in many different panels i have compiled this list of the best survey sites for Australians. All the sites on this list are either Australian Based Survey Panels or if overseas they have regular survey opportunities for Australians. They are the best paying and free to join.

I have done all the hard work for you!!!
I was previously signed up to over 40 panels!!!

Online surveys are a great way to make a little extra income, with little effort as you can do online surveys from your home at what ever time you like. Online Surveys are not a get quick rich scheme but rather a way to earn a little extra money when you have some spare time. You may see claims you can make $100 per/hour from surveys you simply wont make that sort of money from online surveys. These claims are normally followed up by a request for some money for a so called list of survey sites. You should never pay for a list of online survey sites when you can find all that information for free on the internet.

All the information on this site is free, although i may earn a small commission if you join certain sites on this site, that income goes towards the cost of web hosting and enables me to keep this site free for everyone.

I encourage you to look at my list and read my reviews and
join the top 20 Australian Paid Survey Sites. All the sites on the top 20 list i regularly participate in and get regular payouts from.

Click here to go to the 20 Best Paying Australian Survey Sites !!!

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