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ClixSense now offering $AU Prepaid Mastercard

March 1, 2018

Note ClixSense is now ySense

ClixSense is now offering a prepaid MasterCard in AUD as a reward option. The prepaid Visa in USD is still available if you prefer. To choose this reward you must select the Tango gift card option. Once you have earned $US10 select cashout and you will be presented with the option of either MasterCard in AUD or VISA in USD.

Choose from either a Prepaid Mastercard in AUD or Visa Prepaid Card in USD.

It takes about 5 days before you will be sent your reward. Once you have received your reward email  you need to go to to claim your reward. You have the option of a Virtual MasterCard or you can order a Physical MasterCard for $A3.00.

Choose from a Virtual or Physical MasterCard for your reward from Clixsense

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