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How to withdraw money from Clixsense in Australia

September 1, 2017

Note: ClixSense is now ySense

ClixSense doesn’t offer PayPal, so it makes it a little more complicated to get your money so you can use it Australia. Over the last month i have been completing surveys at ClixSense and earned over $10 in just a few weeks. So i requested a Payout, my payment choice was a Tango gift card as when i looked at the Tango website i saw gift cards for Aussie companies like Woolworths and Coles. Unfortunately once i had enough for a payout ClixSense only gave me the choice of a $US Dollar prepaid Visa Card, which can be used online but most companies don’t allow split payment methods for online purchases

Prepaid Visa Gift Card Reward from Clixsense

Anyway Clixsense does payout pretty fast and i received the gift card in my email after just 3 days. In the email you have a link to click which will take you to a page to register your Visa gift card, you will need to provide address this is because most web merchants run address verification during checkout, to make sure that the address of the card and the address you give the merchant are a match.

Prepaid Visa Options

You have the choice of receiving a Physical card, but you will lose $US3 and it would take a long time to receive, so i have chosen the Virtual card.

Virtual Visa card Value in My Currency

Its good how it tells you how much value you have in AU dollars. So you have a good idea on how much you have to spend in AU dollars. You can also get 5% off Woolworths gift cards at Cashrewards and Shopback. So i got a $12.95 Woolworths gift card for $12.30 leaving just 2cents on my Visa Virtual card, now i have a Woolworths e-Voucher which i can use at Woolworths group stores. I know it sounds complicated but its actually pretty easy to use this method to get your ClixSense payment in Woolworths gift cards.

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