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Market Points to become LifePoints at GlobalTestMarket

July 17, 2017

Note: GlobalTestMarket is now known as the LifePoints Panel.

GlobalTestMarket Market Points will be discontinued from the 25th July and will be replaced with the LifePoints incentive plan.

Instead of MarketPoints, you will be rewarded with LifePoints, which will be credited to your account in the same way as before, but the LifePoints rewards catalogue has been enhanced to enable you to redeem your LifePoints even sooner.

GlobalTestMarket points to become LifePoints

Any existing MarketPoints will be converted to LifePoints, at the following conversion rate:

1 MarketPoint = 6.56 LifePoints

100 MarketPoints = 656 LifePoints

When is the change?
The change will take place between the 25th and 27th July. You’ll see the conversion of your MarketPoints into LifePoints in your account history. Any surveys completed before this date will be credited at the old MarketPoints rate.

What happens next?
Once your MarketPoints are converted to LifePoints, you will be able to redeem them for a wide range of great rewards in our catalogue. Any newly completed surveys will be rewarded with LifePoints. However, while the change is taking place, the  catalogue  of rewards will not be available for viewing.

Lets hope you dont need as many points after the change to get a reward from GlobalTestMarket but it would have been better if they could use a simpler points system.

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