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$10 Bonus Giftpax voucher at MyView

May 15, 2017

This month when you claim a $20 Giftpax Voucher at MyView for only 1000 points ($10) you will receive a bonus $10 Giftpax Voucher at the start of June. So thats $30 worth of Giftpax Vouchers for 1000 points ($10).

Double Value Gifitpax Gift Card PLus Bonus $10 Card

Most people ask where you can use these Giftpax vouchers, unfortunately the choices are limited with most of the vouchers being for Coles Express, they have dropped my favorite vouchers the ones for Nandos which i thought also gave me the best value for money. Well you can get a Nandos Voucher with the Movies and Burgers pack, which gives you 2 x  Nando’s Supremo Burgers and 3 x Hoyts Kiosk DVD Rental for $31.50, but i am not interested in the DVD rentals.

Another good voucher was the 3 Tim Tams for $12.50 but thats now $18.50!

So is it worth getting this offer from MyView? Well check out what you can get from Giftpax here. If you take this offer up from MyView you are basically getting the vouchers for a 1/3 of the regular price. I think i will wait till i get a MyView survey which gives me a choice of points or a Giftpax voucher, if the points are more than 200 i normally will take the points less than 200 i will take the giftpax voucher.

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