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Join Swagbucks now and earn a $3 bonus!

March 21, 2017

Swagbucks is offering a 300 point bonus for anyone who signs up to Swagbucks. All you need to do is sign up here and earn 300 points by the end of the month and you will earn a 300 points bonus. With rewards starting from as little as 1000 points for a Apple iTunes e-gift card it wont be long before you can get a reward, but my preferred reward is the PayPal reward at 2500 points because its $US25 not $AU25 so its more than $30 when you convert it to Aussie dollars. Other rewards at 2500 points include a $25 Caltex Woolworths E-Voucher or you can get a $20 Rebel Sports voucher at 2000 points. 

The way i make the most money with Swagbucks is through the surveys, i normally just go for the short surveys from Gold Surveys although they don’t pay that well you can earn a lot of bonus points if you reach daily goals. You also get one point for answering the daily poll.

Some people make money watching videos but its like 3 points for watching 10 minutes plus of videos so i don’t normally watch the videos.

You can also make money for from signing up to offers, but a lot of offers look spammy so i don’t recommended signing up to the offers and just stick the Gold Surveys.

Join Swagbucks

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  1. Sherlyn permalink

    I have just signed up but I haven’t see the 300pts yet. How long will it take to show in my account?

    • Hi Sherlyn,
      You need to sign up with my Swagbucks link or through a existing member of Swagbucks and then earn 300 points by the end of the month to get the bonus 300 points, the bonus should be paid in early April. The easiest way to earn 300 points is through the Gold Surveys Those surveys pay mostly between 50-100 points.

  2. Sonja Eppinger permalink

    Hi. I just signed up, but they wont accept my post code 4573 in QLD.

    • Hi Sonja Eppinger,
      It looks like you have successfully signed up, not sure why it wouldn’t accept your postcode.

      • Sonja Eppinger permalink

        They asked for 5 number post code. I signed up with 04573. It looks like they only accept Americans. At my first survey again they asked for a post code. It did not accept 4573 or 04573. Are you signed up with an Australian post code?

  3. Hi Sonja Eppinger,
    I think I had trouble with the postcode with one of the marketcube surveys, but all the other surveys worked fine with my postcode, yes I am signed up with a Aussie postcode.

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