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How to Get Upgraded at Univox Community

August 5, 2016

I was lucky enough to be upgraded at Univox Community.

I am now at Verified Level, basically that means faster redemption’s, yes you get your reward in 72 hrs. although the email stated you can withdraw at $15 you actually need to reach $20 before the redeem button is active.

Get Upgraded at Univox Community

How do you get to verified level, according to the website you get upgraded after 2 redemption’s , although i had redeemed only once and was upgraded. but i have been a member of Univox Community for a long time so maybe that help.

Below you can learn more about the user levels at Univox Community:

Univox Community User Levels

Although i started out slowly with Univox Community, i am certainly getting i lot more surveys from them than i use to and now with the added bonus of able to redeem with less points its certainly a survey site which has improved over the last year.

Join Univox Community



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