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Be Rewarded with $US Dollars with Univox

May 1, 2016

I recently received my first reward at Univox Community.

Recently Univox Community added PayPal as a reward choice for Australians, so I choose the PayPal reward, from the time I ordered it til the time it was in my PayPal account was about one week which is pretty quick compared to some survey sites.

PayPal Reward From Univox Community

At Univox you need to earn 2500 points = $US25 to claim a reward. The good thing about this is the $25 is in US dollars which works out be about $AU35.

When you have the money in your PayPal account you can then use it to make purchases in US Dollars or if you want to convert it to Australian Dollars do a balance transfer in your PayPal account to get the best rate, if you let PayPal automatically convert it to Australian dollars when you are making purchase you will pay I higher rate!

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