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PayPal now available at Univox Community

March 8, 2016

You can now be reward with PayPal from  Univox Community. Which is really good news as the previous reward options of Amazon gift cards or Virtual Visa were rewards I wasn’t really interested in.

Join Univox Community and be rewarded with PayPal Cash

You will still need to earn 2500 points = $25 to claim a reward.

Join Univox Community Now and earn a 200 points ($2) Joining Bonus

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  1. Gabrielle permalink

    I’ve only redeemed from Univox once and it was a big stuff around trying to use that virtual visa. I ended up having to get PayPal Here and charging myself to get the money in to my PayPal account. I did like that it was in $US so the $25 became about $35AU. Do you know if it will still be in $US if you use the PayPal reward option?

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