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Now need 1462 Points for a $US50 Cheque at Global Test Market

October 7, 2015

Note: GlobalTestMarket is now known as the LifePoints panel.

GlobalTestMarket have made some changes to the points needed for some rewards.

You will now need 1462 points if you would like a $50 Cheque sent to you up from 1100 points.

$US50 is about $A70.

1462 Ponts now needed for a $US50 Check at Global Test Market

So now we cant really take advantage of the exchange rate now when redeeming with GlobalTestMarket.

Their are other reward options which I think are better options than the cheque now such as a Coles or Woolworths $50 E-Voucher for 924 Points, unfortunately you need 1000 points to make a redemption at Global Test Market, so you could add a $10 E-Voucher to your order which costs 193 points. That would make $60 worth of vouchers for 1117  points.

Other Voucher Combinations could be  $10 PayPal for 247 Points and 2 x $20 E-Vouchers for 385 Points each which equals 1017 points or you could order a $50 E-Voucher for 924 points and make a $5 Unicef donation for 90 points which equals 1014 points.

Leave a comment below if you have any other combinations to share.


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  1. Ashley Smith permalink

    Yes I had noticed the leap from 1100 to 1462 points for a US$50 CHEQUE. I note also that the surveys are just that bit longer to complete than before so will probably put this site dormant for a while

    • Hi Ashley,
      I still do pretty well from Global Test Market, I just will now choose E-Vouchers as rewards, they sent them a lot faster than cheques which is good.

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