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Now need 1462 Points for a $US50 Cheque at Global Test Market

October 7, 2015

Global Test Market have made some changes to the points needed for some rewards.

You will now need 1462 points if you would like a $50 Cheque sent to you up from 1100 points.

$US50 is about $A70.

1462 Ponts now needed for a $US50 Check at Global Test Market

So now we cant really take advantage of the exchange rate now when redeeming with Global Test Market.

Their are other reward options which I think are better options than the cheque now such as a Coles or Woolworths $50 E-Voucher for 924 Points, unfortunately you need 1000 points to make a redemption at Global Test Market, so you could add a $10 E-Voucher to your order which costs 193 points. That would make $60 worth of vouchers for 1117  points.

Other Voucher Combinations could be  $10 PayPal for 247 Points and 2 x $20 E-Vouchers for 385 Points each which equals 1017 points or you could order a $50 E-Voucher for 924 points and make a $5 Unicef donation for 90 points which equals 1014 points.

Leave a comment below if you have any other combinations to share.

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  1. Ashley Smith permalink

    Yes I had noticed the leap from 1100 to 1462 points for a US$50 CHEQUE. I note also that the surveys are just that bit longer to complete than before so will probably put this site dormant for a while

    • Hi Ashley,
      I still do pretty well from Global Test Market, I just will now choose E-Vouchers as rewards, they sent them a lot faster than cheques which is good.

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