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Double Value Giftpax Gift Cards at Survey Village

July 28, 2015

Survey Village have now launched Giftpax and you can pick half price vouchers all through August.

 You can pick up a $25 voucher for 1250 points (normally 2500 points) and a $50 voucher for 2500 points. (normally 5000 points)

The problem with Giftpax is the limited range of things they offer currently, mainly stuff at Coles express which you could get half the price anyway at the supermarket, they have added Nandos now which is good.

 I would like to be able to make my own combo though rather than choose what they think what I would like in a combo.

Another problem is retailers will only accept 2 vouchers at a time which is silly as Giftpax vouchers are really just prepaid vouchers.

The Giftpax Vouchers I have had have come from My View, where some surveys have the choice of 200 My View points or a $10 Giftpax Voucher and that’s the only time I think I will choose a Giftpax Voucher as a reward.

Before you choose a Giftpax Reward make sure you check out the Giftpax Website:

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