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New Website for MyView

July 10, 2015

MyView now have a nice new website, which is working well, unlike the last time they updated their website. Its a lot easier to navigate and is more social able.

The new My View website allows you to interact with other panelists in the following ways:

 •You can follow other panelists and see what they’re up to – or be followed by other panelists. This is also optional and you do not have to accept any followers.

 • You can create new polls about whatever topic you want! Include pictures of your own, or find them online.

•Respond to other panelists’ polls.

It should be noted their is small change to the reward, you will need 300 points extra if you would like to receive a physical gift card, e-gift cards have no change to how many points you need for a reward.

Learn More about My View Here

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