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8 minute Survey Earned Me a $10 Voucher!

February 16, 2015

Every so often you can get lucky and do a short survey for a great reward.

This happened to me a few days ago.

I got a survey invite from My View a few days ago, where you could choose 100 points ($1) or a $10 giftpax Voucher.  After I completed the survey i came to a screen asking what reward i would like.

Below you can see what reward I choose 🙂

My Reward for a 8 Minute Survey at My View

My View emailed me a voucher code straight after i finished the survey which worked fine, giftpax sent me the physical vouchers very quickly, i ordered Friday and received the vouchers Monday!

You may wonder what giftpax is?
Its a site where you can buy vouchers for things like snack foods, drinks and magazines which can be used at Coles Express. You can also buy vouchers which can be used at quickflix and Hoyts movie rental.

What you do is buy a pack of vouchers for a set price at giftpax.

For $10 I could choose one of the following packs from giftpax:

  • Top Gear Combo
  • Lunch on the Go
  • Health Mag Combo
  • PowerAde Pax
  • Smiths Crips Pax
  • The Up & Go Pax
  • The Good Read Pax
  • The Vita-Mini Pax
  • The Choc Bite

In case you are wondering I Chose the Choc bite  pack which is 5 vouchers to buy the following:

  • 1 Mars 53g or Snickers 53g or Bounty 45g or Twix 55g
  • 1 Packet of MMs 200g
  • 1 Maltesers 65g
  • 2 Milky Ways

When i visit Coles Express I will make sure to use the ATM so I can get a voucher to get a free the counter bar, to add to my goodies. To avoid the Coles Express ATM fee use a ING Direct card or Coles source card.

I’m very happy with my reward from My View it certainly beats the other choice 100 points ($1)!

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