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Tell Coles Survey Now Paying Only 500 Points

July 14, 2014

Coles are no longer awarding points for completing the Tell Coles Survey, you can read more about that at this post.

I know a lot of people do the tell coles survey each month as it was a easy way to get 1000 points into your flybuys account. Unfortunately coles now have halved the amount of points you will earn with the tell coles survey if you give them your flybuys number. You will only earn 500 points which is $2.50 yet your answers can be easily tracked back to you because you have told them your flybuys number.

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 The other option with the tell coles survey is to do the survey anonymously and once you complete the survey you can print out a $5 off voucher for when you spend $100 or more. Which i think is the better option providing you normally spend $100 or more on your shopping.

Would you like to earn some coles vouchers, i regularly earn coles vouchers from the following Paid Survey Sites:

Rewards Central
Rewards Central is Australia’s Number 1, Rewards Site and is now offering Coles E-Vouchers as a reward option, you earn points for Online Shopping, Completing Surveys, playing the guessing game and much more at Rewards Central. Once you have earned 2200 points you can get a $20 Coles E-Voucher which is delivered instantly.

Click Here to Join Rewards Central

My Opinions
My Opinions is a great survey site, run by the same people as Rewards Central. As well as surveys you can play the instant win game once a week to earn more points. Another really good thing about My Opinions is you can transfer points earned at My Opinions into Rewards Central, making it easier and faster to be rewarded. You need 2200 points for a $20 Coles E Voucher which will be delivered instantly, just like Rewards Central.

Click Here to Join My Opinions

Valued Opinions
Valued Opinions would have to be my favourite online survey site to earn Coles Myer Vouchers, surveys are frequent, easy to complete and most surveys pay between $2-$5, the amount you will be paid for each survey is clearly listed in the survey invitation, i always get at least 1  $20  coles voucher per month with valued opinions, some months i earn 2 $40  Coles Myer Vouchers

Click Here to Join Valued Opinions

My Survey
My Survey is another great survey site to earn Coles Myer Vouchers with as will as other Vouchers if you prefer. My Survey has frequent surveys which are easy to completete, make sure you log into your My Survey account to check for surveys as well as checking your emails. You need to earn 2200 points to get a $20 Coles Myer Voucher at My Survey, but it doesnt take long surveys normally pay between 100 and 300 points and you can expect to earn enough points for at least one $20 Coles Myer Voucher each month.

Click Here to Join My Survey

My View
My View is another great survey site to earn Coles Myer Vouchers with, surveys normally take between 5 and 20 minutes and you earn between 100 and 300 points for most surveys depending on the length. With My View most people will be able to earn a $20 Coles Myer Voucher each month.

Click Here to Join My View

Opinion World
Opinion world is another great survey site where you can earn Kmart or Target Vouchers as well as many others, i have heard that people have been able to use Kmart Vouchers at Coles stores so its worth a try, surveys are frequent with Opinion World and you can expect to earn at least enough points for a $20 Voucher each month.

Click Here to Join Opinion World

Your Voice
Your Voice is another good site from the same people as Opinion World, but focuses more on product testing, you may even get to test a product in-home before its on the supermarket shelf! Like Opinion World you can earn Kmart and Target Vouchers as well as many others, its not as busy as the other sites, but certainly worth joining as when you do get to do a survey or product test they pay very well, when you do a product test you get paid for the orignal selection survey and paid again for doing the follow up survey and you get to keep the product you tested!!

Click Here to Join Your Voice

Global Test Market
Global Test Market is another great site for Coles Myer Vouchers, but has a higher cashout level, dont worry Global Test Market is a very busy survey site and i am able to cash out $50 every 2 months, you will need points for a $50 Coles Myer Voucher, surveys normally pay from 35 to 100 points depending on the length, surveys take from 5 minutes to about 20 minutes with Global Test Market

Click Here to Join Global Test Market

So how much can you earn each month?
Lets have a look

Valued Opinions $30 Join
My Survey $20 Join
My View $20 Join
Opinion World $20 Join
Global Test Market $25 Join
Tell Coles Survey $5 Join
Total $100

Of course everyones experiences will vary some people will earn more some will earn less, experiences will vary from survey site to survey site depending on your demographics, you really need to join all the survey sites above to find out what works out best for you. Join Them all and start earning now!!!

Click Here to go to the Tell Coles Survey


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  1. Sheila Bird permalink

    I really enjoy shopping at Coles especially on sundays as there are fewer shoppers when we shop.This makes it easier for the checkouts and we find the tellers are much more helpful due to being able more friendly

  2. sue hennessey permalink

    I have always shopped at coles and always will.

  3. deb ellwood permalink

    Love coles i know where everything is and the staff are always so helpful

  4. F Santos permalink

    I shop at Coles fountain gate every time l go to the deli l find that the lady’s that work there are so
    Friendly they make you feel welcome and are very helpful with everything good work .

  5. natalie nicholls permalink

    i love coles fletcher nsw.all the old staff from bi.lo marrylands you see there all a great wonderful help.

  6. shiela narayan permalink

    i simply love coles I would not shop anywhere else.

  7. Hellen Bell permalink

    Coles at Caringbah is the worst store in the Shire this morning at 10.30am when I went there to purchase the fruit juice they were suppose to have which came on special to day there was none this has happened with other items many times I have tryed to shop there when I have, other shoppers say the same thing. I will go to Miranda or Southgate from now on.

    • Hi Hellen,
      Make sure you fill in the tell coles survey about your experience at Carinbah so they can hopefully improve that store, their is also a feedback form on the coles website if you dont wish to fill in the tell coles survey.

  8. Maria Chambi permalink

    I love shopping at coles the staff are good and friendly she ask how was our day been so far.

  9. Sandra permalink

    A lovely young man named Jake at Coles Devonport in the Dairy took the time out to help me find the product i needed. He then offered further assistance. Jake is a credit to Coles Devonport and he absolutely deserves to be put onto Retail Leaders.

    • Hi Sandra,
      When you fill out the tell coles survey you can let them know if a staff member did something above normal expections, it sounds like Jake deserves a special mention, i hope you can fill out the tell coles survey and let them know that Jake is a credit to the store in Devonport.

  10. Val permalink

    Such lovely friendly service at Coles Devonport in Tasmania. 🙂

  11. Beverly permalink

    I have shopped at Coles for 30 years, @ love the store @ helpful staff. The weekly specials are great @ I love swiping my flybuys card each time

  12. Iris Little permalink

    I won’t be taking the time to do any more surveys & just 500 extra points… just not worth the time……

  13. Patricia Bagnall permalink

    I so like shopping at Coles, such friendly staff and also so helpful when I can’t find something, they walk me to the item,

  14. Kim Christine Johnston. permalink

    Coles retail outlets sell fine quality products. They employ disabled persons, peoples of all nationalities, have all the mod cons (neon and otherwise).

  15. Cheryl Clark permalink

    I always have a great shopping experience at Coles Penrith Nepean Village. The Staff are friendly and helpful

  16. natalie permalink

    Every thing in coles is easy to find and the staff are great

  17. Edna Oborne permalink

    Now that we have a new Coles shop I find that it is very neat and realy nice to shop at and the parking is great

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