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Use your Rewards Central Points to Buy Pizza!

October 11, 2013

Rewards Central is now offering Gift Pay as a redeemption option, gift pay allows you to receive and use vouchers on a smart phone. Transferring points from rewards central to gift pay is instant and you only need 550 Point for a $5 Myer egift card, a pizza from dominos will cost 1095 Points or for 2200 Points you can purchase a $20 Jb Hi Fi Voucher or a $20 Myer egift card or a $20 itunes egift card or a $20 David Jones egift card.

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Remember you can also tranfer points earned from My Opinions to Rewards Central to take advantage of this offer.

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  1. PAUL permalink

    this idea sounds great not all people use smart phones aspecially older people that use the rewards central site. So lets please keep paypal payments unless you can teach how to use this avenue.

  2. Hi Paul, Rewards Central still offers direct payment to bank accounts as a reward option and giftpay can accessed through computer if you dont have a smart phone.

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