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Opinions Paid – Rewards Centre is having Technical Difficulties

March 27, 2013

You have may have noticed Opinions Paid recently did a face lift to there web page. Although the new web site looks pretty good, they are having technical problems with updating  point balances after completing surveys and currently you are unable to order any rewards.  Ordered vouchers should be sent out from April 6th 2013 and the technicians are working around the clock to fix the problems. Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

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  1. Busybees permalink

    I haven’t been able to login for some weeks now …. so I couldn’t check my balance even if I wanted. OP reset my details, but still no go…..I am currently ‘locked out’ of my a/c, just to add to the issue!!

  2. Hi Busybees, are you trying to log on with your email address or with your user name? When you log into opinions paid, you need to log in with your user name not your email address. I hope this helps.

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