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Opinion World: Ovation Web Shop to Close

March 2, 2013

Opinion World will close the ovation web shop on May 20th 2013. You will be able to use your points in their new web shop which is located at the site. Opinion World wants to help everyone to zero out there points at the ovation web shop and we will allow you to convert the exact number of points you need to zero out on your account and receive the reward of your choice.
For example, if you have $4.00 in your account and you want to redeem for a $5.00 voucher, they will let you redeem $1.00 worth of points to add to your old Ovation account.(1 point = 02cents)

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  1. Tonia Connor permalink

    Why can I only cash out my points at Amazon now?

  2. Hi Tonia, Amazon is just one of the options in the new webshop, firstly make sure you have logged into then click on rewards then in the centre of the page you will be able to click on paypal, amazon, can too, webshop and i tunes. Simply choose your reward, i hope this helps.

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