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Rewards Central Review

Rewards Central is one of the original survey sites (previously known as email cash) you earn points for clicking emails, completing surveys, sigining up for offers and shopping with there online partners. You can also win points playing the daily guessing game and you can earn points logging in each day to see if there is a quick survey for you to answer or webclicks to click on. The more you visit the site the more EXP you will earn, once your EXP reachs 500 you get a annual bonus. The annual bonus as from December 2015 is 500 reward points, in previously years I have received a pen and another year a beach ball. Rewards Central is a good survey site where most people will earn $30 per year for little effort, some may earn a lot more if they do things like shopping with there online partners.

Payout: Direct Debit, Gift Pay, Charity Donations

Non Qualify: 2-20points and/or competition entries

Minimum Payout: $10 (1100 Points) Gift Pay Redemption

Click Here to Join Rewards Central


One Comment
  1. Rospat permalink

    Slow but reliable and genuine. Usually I get at least $60 a year,and that’s even with being away for a month each year and not logging on. Don’t buy anything on the site unless you have to – just log on and collect as many free points as possible.

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